About reInsa - The new simple photo sharing app with a difference

reInsta is an easy to use and fun photo sharing app and social network that supports a unique "Bring Your Own Cloud Storage" model in which your photos are held in a data store controlled by you.


reInsta: Turning Terms of Service Contracts On Their Head

For the users of social networking sites, contract terms aren’t negotiable. Once we start using the service, we forfeit those options. But what if, instead, we required the service to adhere to our terms instead of the other way around. We permit access to our data, such as the photos we post on the service, only when that service meets our standards of security, confidentiality, transparency, permanency and respect for intellectual property access to the data.

Well, that future is now because that's exactly how reInsta works. You set the terms by which you wish to grant access to apps like reInsta, not the other way around. If you change your mind or if you think reInsta is not adhering to your terms, you don't have to go to court or write a strongly worded letter - you have the control. You can simply revoke reInsta's access to your photos in your Dropbox, yet the photos will still be yours, remaining in your Dropbox to use how you wish.

reInsta is as easy to setup and use as other photo sharing and social networking apps, yet it introduces an entirely new model for how companies need to compete for users who demand respect for their values and expectations.

reInsta is certainly not perfect, but we think it's a good start for moving past the simplistic notion that one-sided corporate agreements are an unavoidable “cost” of using social media. At the very least reInsta is a useful point for starting that conversation. We hope others will criticize it and suggest improvements, or even help in making those improvements.

We think it is time for users to demand more control over their pictures and digital selves. Try it out. It's free! Available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch