reInsta "Bring Your Own Cloud Storage"

reInsta allows you to easily connect your own Dropbox for storage of your reInsta photos. This way, you automatically have a backup of all your photos and you maintain full control of the data.

Imagine a world in which your social networking photos are held in a data store controlled by you.

Introducing, reInsta the first service to make this revolutionary idea available to everyday users in an easy-to-use and fun smartphone app.

Easy to set up

reInsta makes it easy for you to seamlessly connect your Dropbox.

Setting up reInsta with Dropbox is a one-time process in three easy steps:

  1. Click the "Link Dropbox" button in your reInsta profile settings.
  2. Sign in to your Dropbox (or create a new Dropbox and then Sign in)
  3. Dropbox will ask if you wish to grant permission to the reInsta app. Click "Allow".

That's it. Easy peazy. After this, photos you share with reInsta will be stored into a reInsta folder in your Dropbox. You don't have to do anything differently with how you use reInsta to share photos, follow friends, etc. -- reInsta works normally and the Dropbox feature is transparent, seamless, and automatic... both to you and to other reInsta users.

Why do I want to do this?

It is pretty annoying when the rules of the game all of a sudden change. We've all been there. Our favorite service gets acquired by a huge mega corporation and changes their terms of service. Or a service gets shut down and we loose all our photos. With reInsta, you don't have to worry about that happening, not because we say so, but because we have flipped the arrangement on its head. Your photos will always be under your control in your own Dropbox, no matter what reInsta does. Of course, our goal is to be a service with the community in mind, built upon honesty, by humans with morals. But if we die tomorrow or swallow an "evil-pill" you still have your data in your Dropbox. When you leave reInsta, you take your photos with you. They were always there. It's not just a contractual agreement, but a matter of physical control because it's your cloud.

Plus, Dropbox is a great service that users really love. With reInsta integration, you get all the benefits of Dropbox for all your reInsta photos. This includes browsing your reInsta photos on your PC or even using them in PC apps, for example.

reInsta lets anyone enjoy the benefits of open "unbundled" social services without requiring advanced technical know-how.


reInsta won't be able to access or modify your entire Dropbox. All your reInsta photos will be kept in a single reInsta folder.

reInsta has no visibility or access to any other files or folders in your Dropbox.

reInsta only stores photos that you explicitly publish. reInsta doesn't use your Dropbox for anything except your photos.

Your reInsta photos are just ordinary photo files in your reInsta folder of your Dropbox. You can use them like any other Dropbox file.